By nina

Thank you Barbro and Sergey!

I had a meeting at Sergey's today. Also Barbro was there. It was a very significant meeting: "an eye and heart opener" I could call it. The main outcome was that Joel let his heart talk to mine on Friday night. That was when he held my hand when I was in agony and pain.

All the love that Joni, Joel, Barbro, Sergey, my family and friends (my blipfriends included) have given me has got me up on my feet again. Yesterday's blip was done from the bottom of my heart. So thank you all for your love and compassion and for helping me in this extremely hard life situation!

After the meeting I went to the ultrasound of my stomach. It seems that I might have a inflammation in my small intestine. So there will be more tests. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor in the evening. Somehow I feel that this could be worse. I'm not completely worried.

In this shot Barbro and Sergey are sitting on the terrace couch at Sergey's.

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