just be

By justbe

Dappled and Gray

From our hidden places
By a secret path,
We come in the moonlight
To the side of the green rath.

~Seumas O'Sullivan

Many thanks to so many kind commenters who have propelled several of my images to the Spotlight page recently. Today marks my 60th consecutive blip, I've really felt a difference in the way I see photographs. I have felt such personal satisfaction matching text to pixels, and many seem to have enjoyed my choices. I've discovered a joy in writing that is new and exciting. In just two months I feel a connection with so many here and to the art of photography. Enlightening, life changing in a way for a retired person wanting to stay creative and fresh. My daily discoveries of the deeper world around our garden enchant, thrill and entertain me. Today's Catbird portrait involved no bribery, no fat temptingly juicy blueberries, just a peek into her world. Singing near her cleverly hidden nest, secret and safe from my view, beautiful melodies fill her green world and spill into mine.

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