Photo Thoughts

By CatheeSoo


Anna is such a hardcore video gamer she doesn't want to stop and use the bathroom!

I got my new camera today but we noticed the box was open already. After further inspection there were some pretty big dents on it like someone had dropped it. Gotta love Walmart, I'm surprised that whoever inspected the camera on return didn't notice that. Before Michael left the store he made them sign the back of the receipt saying it was used just in case anything went wrong. He didn't see the dents at the time either. I noticed it while we were out to pick up one of our daughters at her friend's house. He will be exchanging it tomorrow but I think I will be happy with it. It's still a point and shoot but it has full manual control so I can pick up where I left off learning with that. I had learned to do up close moon shots and lightning before my first one broke. Now I can't wait for some night lightning! I'm all set up with a tripod as well and we'll be spending Independence Day at park. We're going to cook out, swim in the lake, hike, maybe fish, it should bring plenty of photo opportunities and practice for me. The day will conclude with fireworks!! I hope we don't get rained out, I want so bad to learn how to capture that. Tomorrow I will be studying up whatever I can find on photography online.

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