A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Dogs don't do admin

I don't think.

However, I know that they do like a lot of running around. For various very rational reasons we don't have a dog so it's fun to sometimes hang out with dog owners and remember how much fun they are. This is Daisy and she (and her bigger version, Max) belong to a parent friend with kids in both J and A's classes. Today's post-nursery, pre-big kid pick-up outing was a picnic lunch and a long walk in Richmond Park. Oh, that's the other great thing about dogs - the kids are so distracted by them, what they're doing, encouraging them along and throwing sticks for them that they don't notice how far they've walked.

A very relaxing filling in what feels like an admin-based sandwich of a day. Solid two hours whilst A was at nursery this morning barely scratched the surface and another bout in between bedtime and Street Party debrief meeting seems to have similarly failed to dent it.

Still, I wouldn't want to be bored tomorrow, would I?

Lesley x

ps - sorry it's not the best view of the lovely Daisy but I obviously didn't have my blip head on and all the other pictures include a child I can't post pictures of. So a dog's behind it is!

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