By kamran

Bye Bye Blip

"One went to the door of the Beloved and
knocked. A voice asked, 'Who is there?'
He answered, 'It is I.'
The voice said, 'There is no room for Me and Thee.'
The door was shut.

After a year of solitude and deprivation he returned and knocked.
A voice from within asked, 'Who is there?'
The man said, 'It is Thee.'
The door was opened for him."

--by rumi
That's my 300th blip but I am not happy, rather writing this blip with a very heavy heart. I've decided to quit blip. Despite taking pictures everyday I intentionally missed last 10 blips because I wanted to dedicate my 300th last blip to someone whom I admire a lot. Here Julia is wearing the dress that I recently brought her from Pakistan. She looked fabulous today.

Today would be my last day in Magdeburg as well. I am moving to Rostock where I hope to finish my PhD in one remaining year (that's not the reason for quitting blip). I've spent last 5 years of my life in Magdeburg and my photography took a start 2 and half years ago from this city. In the past 10 months if I have done one thing, that was blipping. Leaving blipping and Magdeburg on the same day has almost brought me to tears but like treegonk I need a break too. I would keep taking pictures but most of the time without the camera. I am gonna sell most of my equipment and may be keep one camera body and a lens.

I used blip for either of two reasons:

1. To document the life of others: stranger series where people gave me all trust and shared their personal stories with me. I am proud to have many street friends in Magdeburg whom I meet everyday in the streets.

2. To express my feelings and thoughts through manipulated self-portraits or involving other people.

Currently I photograph only people. Nearly 90% of my blips featured humans. My last non-human blip was back on 8th May.

Blip was instrumental in shaping my photography. But it has also drained a lot of engery from me and on numerous occassions I've suffered emotionally as well as physically. Now I just want to disappear in my own shell.

Another major reason of leaving blip is my dissatisfaction towards the quality of my pictures. It's a pity that my skills in photography don't match to my aims. Apart from only a few I wasn't happy with most of the pictures. This is the most annoying thing for me now. I don't want to repeat myself and I dont want to take rubbish shots. So I would rather prefer to hang back and look at things from a new perspective. The torch is now in the hands of my bro goodbye. I hope he would keep entertaining you with his photography.

May be one day I shall come back, if I've something I am proud of. Till then you can have an eye on my flickr page.

If you ask me to pick a single shot of mine other than this as favourite I would pick lovers. And if I am asked to point out the most memorable moment on blip I shall pick boat ride with Julia.

Thank you all.

Bye Bye Blip.

Bye Bye Magdeburg.

P.S Some random thoughts:

Is life made up of illusion? All is so unobvious, so blurry and chaotic. No reasons given to us. It's cold and blue out there. Emptiness is growing and everything else is shrinking. There is a single moment painted all over the sky. But now I am too tired to open my eyes. Whose voice is this at the far distance?

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