The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

New Camera

When I bought my first DSLR exactly three months ago today (and photographed the day after), I expected to get several years of use out of it. Sadly, it met with an unfortunate watery accident only a couple of months later, and I learned on Wednesday that it and the telephoto zoom attached to it were both "beyond economic repair". Trying to photograph a cygnet on a muddy riverside bank, and then falling in, had proved a very costly exercise.

During the short time I had had it, though, it had become indispensable, and I had been learning a lot of new techniques from the extensive set of features it possessed; and as I had already bought a couple of new Pentax wide-angle zooms there was only one course of action, and that was to replace it. I was fortunate to find a kit which included a 55-300mm lens for considerably less than buying the body and the same lens separately, even though it included a kit 18-55mm lens as well. And, as you see, it's white!

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