Copenhagen Dreaming

By dennisjorgensen

The Ugly Duckling

Once upon a time, a little egg ended up in a nest it wasn't suppose to end up in. The nest was a duck's nest. Time came, when the shells cracked, and new life brougth joy to the duck community. But one egg didn't hatch right away, and every duck nearby thougth that this was strange, because all the other egss were hatched. Some days went by, and suddenly the last egg, that was a bit bigger than all the other, hatched. Everyone was terrified of what they saw. Instead of a little cute yellow duckling, a big brown colossal tripped out of the egg.
Noone doubted that he was eth most ugly thing they had ever seen.. And all the other ducklings saw that he was different, so they bashed their little wings at him, and bit his but, so the colossal was very sad. He didn't want to stay with his new family. One day he escaped the nest, and did a lot of entriguing discoveries. Some time passed, and one day the colossal saw some big majestically beautiful birds flying above his head. It was the most fantastic thing he had ever seen. And he wished he could fly with them. At some point he looked at himself and realised that he was no duck, but a beautifull swan.
It doesn't matter if you are an ugly duckling, if you grow up to be a beautiful swan.

Loosely retold and translated: By Hans Christian Andersen, Danish Fairytale Teller

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