Copenhagen Dreaming

By dennisjorgensen

Two airports, two taxi trips and a reception desk

Got a call last night. Major crisis at work. We're producing a tv-show, and Viasat called and told us that two of the episodes they had received was in a wrong format. The problem was that one of the episodes was to be aired today. I live in Denmark and the episodes is broadcasted from London. So I had to take a one-day trip to London to deliver the tapes, so they could be there in time. So arriving at London City Airport at 9.15, I had 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there in time. I jumped into a taxi and drove for 1 ½ hour, just 15 minutes before deadline.. I was to fly home from Heathrow. and ironically Heathrow is located just 15 minutes fro Viasat. Might be a thing to remember next time. The picture is from outside Heathrow. Smokers area..

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