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By twigs

Wharariki sunset

It was freezing cold last night - not something I normally deal too well with, especially when staying in cold accommodation.

I'd thought ahead though and had packed my current duvet set-up (feather and down combo plus summer weight synthetic) PLUS a pure down duvet to go on top!

Oh - and 2 hot water bottles!

Why? Well - there's something totally magical about sleeping in a room in the middle of winter with the window wide open and the sound of the waves lapping on the beach just metres away. I knew if I wanted to hear the sea clearly the window would have to be wide open so I had to make sure I was warm - and believe me, I was toastie warm!

So today I spent sitting on the deck and reading and watching the sea do it's thing. Then, late afternoon I headed to my favourite beach - Wharariki - in order to catch the sun going down over the monolothic Archway Islands. And today there was one other human on the beach altough he disappeared well before things started to look really good. Which left just me and the seals to enjoy this fine scene.I know - those of you who have watched my journal for a while will almost be sick of Wharariki sunset shots.......but not me ;)

An added bonus was watching a seal surfing on the huge waves that were rolling in although he disappeared before I managed to change my lens :( (Camera shy I guess!)

Back to my cabin to warm up then into my nice warm snuggly bed to be serenaded to sleep by the sea once again.

And that's why I love Golden Bay :)

Past Wharariki blips....
Wharariki sand
Another Wharariki sunset!
The sunless sunset!
The seals love to surf here!
Another view of the Archway Islands

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