By treegonk

Solar Radiation

Spent the day looking at cars and test driving. Almost made a decision, probably not the most sensible one, but I think it's time for some fun.

After scaring Lal and Jon, who were co-pilots, we went for a caffeine boost and some space station instruction manuals at the omega 37 outstation supply centre.

Apologies for the noise, blur and drastic light but we forgot our space radiation shields and visors. Obviously too much caffeine and I pushed the warp factor to the limits.

Confused? That'll be the caffeine, car salesmen and vehicle identification number overdose syndrome.

(it's a badly shakey light thing on top of a retail park roof. Sorry, you can hardly even class it as a photograph now, maybe a cartoon scene from 2000AD)

Unbeknown to me, Joe & Layla were watching me at the moment of this blip!!

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