Susan i Oslo

By susanioslo

Self portrait

Today is the first day in about 5 weeks that I have on my own. It is quiet and has been a good day to reflect a bit about the fall to come, my new job, what is important and what I want to do about it :) I love how holidays give time for these types of days.

In anycase - it seemed like the day to finally attempt a self-portait. I have always hated being in front of the camera - maybe that is why I love being behind the camera as much as I do :)

It was not easy but I actually had a lot of fun trying to get it right. The neighbours must think I have completely lost it :)

Said goodbye to my parents today - sad to see them go. I hope their flight is going well - Miss them already :) Boys are home on Sunday - that will be lovely :)

Hope you are all having a great day :)

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