By sp33dway

...something an incy bit more goldenybrown overall

I think this is the pic I wanted to take 2 days ago, with the added bonus of some nicely textured lichen thanks to an art directorial spot from my good friend pumps. Happy 'hump day' people - it's a gentle roll down to the weekend from hereon in...

(apart from 'seeing' each day of the week written in my minds eye in a different colour each day, I also arrange the days of the week in a certain way too: Monday to Friday are 'higher up' with Saturday and Sunday being slightly recessed (by approx. 1 character depth). Each day is 'written' as normal, but they are laid out in reverse linear perspective, with Monday on the right close up through to Sunday on the left far away. When I'm cycling through each day in my minds eye the words kyndof 'conveyor belt' through each other, making the current day of the week the one that's in 'focus' and the biggest perspective-wise. Sorry if I'm confusing anyone - I'm trying to explain the level of detail I experience with my synesthesia, hence why it's a 'gentle roll down to the weekend'.)

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