An uneventful day until evening time. A few of us, long-time friends of Niall, are organising a night next Monday in his favourite pub in town. It's to be a celebration of his life rather than a down-beat cry-in-your-drink occasion. We met this evening to finalise arrangements with the management, had a good old chat, laughed and reminisced over photos of him at parties and so on, and generally prepared ourselves for what could yet prove to be an emotional night.

For a good few years, Niall and I went to exhibition openings around town, he would often go straight home afterwards and I'd hang on for a bite to eat somewhere or other. Perhaps it was memories of those days which led me to repeating this old routine after our meeting broke up. I opted for Maloti Indian restaurant in South William Street. It was fine, I guess, but it was all a bit pseudo, more sanitised Indian than genuine Indian. At least it hit the spot and reminded me of the Niall days.

YAPB? That'd be Yet Another Pub Blip. Between leaving the meeting and eating Indian I dropped in to what used to be Le Cirk pub on Dame Lane. That's where the blip comes from.

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