The second half of life..

By twigs

Glowing :)

I've been glowing all day, since discovering that I'd become this weeks BOTW recipient :) What an honour - I feel pretty humbled.

Thank you so much to everyone for all your very kind and somewhat flattering comments. I shall wear my crown with pride this week and enjoy every moment of it!

Mind you - my day didn't start too well! As I left the house this morning I heard a strange sound and on closer inspection found a little water spout erupting (a whole inch!) into the air. :(

Burst water pipe!

I turned the water off at the mains then proceeded to call a plumber - no luck. Getting later and later to go to work so called in and explained I'd be worries (thanks G!)

Managed to get a plumber the very next phone call and he said he'd be round late morning so off I tootled to work.

Had a call at the end of period 1 to say they were on their way and, as luck would have it, I had free periods :)

To cut the next part of the story short, Tony the plumber came round, fixed it and was packing up to leave when I looked closely at it and spotted there was still some leakage......

Tony looked closely and had to agree.......then ended up having to undo what he'd already done and re-do it.

In re-doing it - which did fix it - the pressure grew and within seconds another rather larger eruption blew out of the ground about a foot down the pipe - and this time about 2 feet into the air!!

At this point Tony decided he needed his lunch and I couldn't blame him!

Anyway, on the upside, I've come home tonight to find everything fixed and seemingly leak-free. The problem is though that all my pipes are underground galvanised pipes so if it's starting to weaken it may not be too long before I have a much more major issue on my hands :(


But my crown will keep the sun shining on me at least for this week!


PS How bizarre! These smileys are fridge magnets - my one-year-ago-today blip was another item from my brightly decorated fridge!!!!

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