By sp33dway

darkiness opening

Today I had an amazing day, topped off with an hour or two lurking around there with my mate DM. We kept within glancing distance of eachother (our manly equivalent of holding hands) and spent a few half hours not talking, totally absorbed in taking photos with big smiles on our faces. I think we could get used to this photo'ing in old places mallarky.

(Anyone who's not into clicking pictures will not understand one bit. But I think everyone else will.)

Whilst we were in the shadows of 'inside', a bunch of lads of aroundabout 15ish congregated 'outside', revving up on a handful of mopeds and 1 car (driven, I presume, by the obligatory older 16 yr old which the others shared aspirations to be like one day). After the customery exchange of expletives and alpha male revving of engines they made there way to a 5ftish gas cylinder and proceeded to get off their heads to high heaven and back. I decided to snap what was going on from the comfort of the 200mm reach my lens offered (pop-in-law has just bought a nikon 70-300VR for his D200 so I now have his 24-200 on loan for a bit) and I witnessed one youth take a half score of tokes on the refrigeration gas (we went there later to see what it was). He subsequently passed out on the concrete floor, totally gone. After a couple of minutes he came round, mumbling like a baffoon. I would've posted that pic on my blip but the fact that the building we were in is out of bounds made me not (kids get away with everything - the ones not really doing anything shifty don't). Someone with a bit more bravado would've run out to help, but then again I aint stupid and anyway I didn't have my lens cap on ;-)

I also didn't like that pic as much as this one, although there were many more shots from today that I did. Choosing just one has never been so hard.

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