By sp33dway

my mum & mrs me

It's the day before my day today, so we took my mum out to somewhere nice-ish for a spot of lunch and a generous dollop of leafywalk'n'custard.

We idled a good hour or two kicking leaves and natterchatting the afternoon away, me lagging behind clicking Autumnal crusty things, river-wet dogs and the odd area of dappled sunlight. I saw a few squirells too but the buggers were a bit tetchy and way to fast for me (too much chilli on my jacket tayter).

I did have several good pics to choose from when I gotted home and whilst this is by far not the best one, it also kynda IS as it sums up the afternoon best for me. It's also the last photo I'll ever blip with a numerically correct blipname too, so having a pic featuring those two seems quite a nice tributey thing.

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