This summer our peace and quiet...

This summer our peace and quiet in the Terra Alta region of Catalunya is being severely disrupted as the next phase of wind turbine construction begins to get under way.

There are already well over a hundred turbines in the vicinity, all of which have been constructed over the last year and some of which you can see here. The next phase involves the construction of a line of wind turbines which will follow the edge of the ridge and two turbines in particular will be near to us, approximately 300 metres from our small finca.

The lane shown in the photo won't be affected by the major roadworks that are taking place around us, changing mud lanes mainly used by tractors into wide, gravelled roads to be used by the huge lorries that will bring the enormous turbine parts to where they are required. But this lane has been flattened and widened by the local council in what seems to be an effort to keep up with the Jones'.

I've been absent from Blip for a while but thought this would be a good way to record the noise, dust, destruction and construction that will be involved in the creation of green electricity.

I've nothing against wind turbines in the distance, but these two will be close, very close, but we'll see what they look like when the work's finished... and so will you.

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