Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Dinner Table

Last night we went out for dinner with my family in Yorkshire. The occasion was ever so slightly surreal, since the purpose of the evening out was to mark my parents' ruby wedding anniversary (40th, actually on August 1st, but Saturday evening is more suitable for a meal out).

The reason it was slightly surreal is that my parents are actually separated, and have not lived together for quite a few years now. However, they remain very good friends. My dad helps my mum out whenever she needs him to (she's on her own since the death of my stepfather 7 years ago) and everyone gets on just fine. My stepmother was also my stepfather's first wife, and my stepfather was my father's best friend. Furthermore, I believe this is all "common-law" and that my parents are actually still legally married - although nobody worries about any of that stuff apparently. Work that lot out if you can! I've lived with this situation and its forerunners for 30 years now, and nothing in relationships surprises me, except, perhaps, the fact that I, myself, found someone to marry me!

Anyway, the meal out was very good! Although the intention was to get the train to the restaurant, a fire on the line meant we took taxis instead. I managed to get through the meal with only one break to go walking outside (being trapped in a restaurant is one of my phobias), and the food was jolly good (fillet steak for main course). I sat at the end of the table (in the corner, by the window) and the Wonderspouse, my parents, stepmother, brother and sister-in-law sat down each side of the table! This was my view!

We then stayed overnight at my dad's house before driving home early the next morning.

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