Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Hospital Visit

I've been all over the place today. Unable to concentrate on anything or achieve anything productive. My "healthy eating plan" has also evaporated - today's food has been chocolate caramel nibbles, packet of Jaffa cakes, tin of rice pudding (cold), half a bag of cashew nuts and a slice of Battenburg.

I went to Tesco and drifted around without buying anything much. I went to browse the local antiques place for ages without buying anything. I stared at the telly, I stared into space. I felt quite detached from the world.

And then I saw the view in this picture and suddenly felt completely different. I'd spoken to the vet in the morning, and then to the Wonderspouse, and then the vet again, and then the Wonderspouse again. We made the decision to continue with medical treatment over the weekend and go for surgery on Monday if that's still a sensible option then.

Our girl is now hooked up to a drip and on IV painkillers, antibiotics and fluids. She's also being given special high-energy liquid food and is getting her thyroid medication. She was VERY pleased to see us today, purring madly and hobbling over to talk to us (she's a bit confused by the leg with the drip).

I also took in Mr Black Sock Mouse, her favourite toy, and also her favourite pink blanket. Hopefully she'll feel more at home with them around. One of her neighbours goes in every week for treatment and has a "yoga for cats" book that he takes everywhere with him.

The Wonderspouse was trying to prevent me saying hello to another neighbour - I realised why when I saw the address on the sheet - it simply said "stray"! Hmmm!

It was most wonderful to see our beautiful Athena though. The highlight of the day. We spent a good half hour with her, stroking her, kissing her, telling her how much we love her. She purred for us and rubbed her nose against us before getting tired and starting to nod off again.

We do love her so very very much.

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