An Uther Fish Bar

Bank holiday round these parts today (for some of us at least) so we headed off on a bit of an East Neuk of Fife tour.

We weren't too fussed that it was chucking it down early on as we were heading underground below 3 metres of solid concrete at Scotland's Secret Bunker. I'd have posted a picture of this but... well... it's a secret.

A really interesting - as well as cold and fusty - experience and quite frightening to think that places like this were still operational even up until the early 1990s. Equally as frightening is how in the underground cafe, with typically British efficacy, the staff managed to fail spectacularly on a simple food order (one person missed out completely and was refunded, kids refused to drink the carbonated water that was sold as Coca Cola). If the nuclear attack early warning systems had been run by the same squad then I'm afraid we'd have been well and truly doomed.

After surfacing we headed down to the coast and the sun soaked fishing village of Anstruther. The promenade was packed and it took us about 15 minutes to make it to the front of the queue for some of Scotland's best chips. Someone down that way is making an absolute fortune off of our fried food fetish, but sitting outdoors in the sun with dozens of others and munching on chips and mushy peas was just brilliant (though why some people felt they had to smother them with curry sauce is beyond me!).

Drove back along the Fife coastal route with a short and mildly depressing stop off at Burntisland, the complete opposite of Anstruther a few miles back along the coast. Is there anything more miserable looking than seeing a couple of nervous looking kids sitting on one of these fairground rides by themselves whilst the operator picks at her nails with her ipod plugged in after taking £2 off each of them for the privilege? Then again, the site of only four people walking the nearby beach on a bank holiday in August was equally as depressing.

Despite all that, we did really enjoy our day out in Fife. Might even go back sometime.

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