a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726

My Nephew Kevin....

This is my nephew Kevin. It seems like just yesterday he was just 3 days old, laying on my chest while he slept, just home from the hospital. He is now 21 years old, living on his own up in Boston. He has a great job, he is in an awesome band that plays up in the Boston area and now has a new young lady in his life that he adores. I am very proud of him as is his mom, my sister Kathy. See her blip for today, she also put up a picture of him!!

Kevin came down yesterday to visit my sister and his little sister Riley. Today, Jack and I met up with Kathy, Kevin and Riley for lunch before Kev needed to take the train back up to Boston.

How can time fly by so fast?? I keep looking over at Jack, who just turned 4 the other day...he'll be going to pre-school in September. I want to hold on to him and never let him grow up. I guess that's just not possible...I will just try to cherish every second with him, it won't be long before he is all grown up!!

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