Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Ducks in a row

This blipping business has its rewards, but it also brings its pressures, so this morning I thought I would try and relax a little and not go out of my way to find something special in the landscape. Having taken Wifie to the train first thing, I stopped on Arnside Pier to admire the view across the Bay to the Old Man of Coniston peeping out from the low and wispy clouds.

Mother Duck and her family of five young ducks made their processionary way across the sands and into the water, never once breaking out of their single file formation. "Getting your ducks in a row" is popular management jargon in the organisation for which I work, not an expression I'm that keen on, but here in the bay, it is indeed rather appropriate.

Have I made the right choice of blip? I had much sharper photos taken later in the day, particularly of rippling water in the River Kent. This blip is almost soft focussed, I guess because of low light and the capacity of this little camera. But in the end I liked its fuzziness, the textures and tones of the estuary and the Old Man in the gloom above; but the special feature for me was the little family of ducks. I would have been pleased just to see that, to get a blip as well was a bonus.

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