Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Early morning rainbow

Having trouble sleeping does have some advantages as last Friday's entry showed.

This morning I went out for a walk at 0600 hours to the Pier and saw Mother Duck and her five young ducks dutifully following her as in yesterday's blip. I guess there's many a parent who wished their children were so obedient.

Then a walk out to the viaduct to have a look through the arches. Another shower was blowing in, and in the low morning sun a rainbow appeared against the milky, murky sky. Not much of a rainbow really, but a rainbow all the same, and the first one I have managed to blip for this journal. The weak sun was also illuminating the first of the arches.

I had the rest of the day off. A quiet day, though with Westmorlandic Wanderings I did go back to Foulshaw Moss at lunch time following the success of Sunday's visit, and this time there were two ospreys including one that spent about 10 minutes doing something of a sky dance, calling all the time and with a fish in its talons. No blip possible.

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