By sp33dway

A flick of the wrist

Me and DM had a game of Badders tonight - an hour and ten minutes of limp-wristed, lung-bursting, leg-lungey fun which I hope will help egg on the superslim me regime (which so far aint going too swell, although at least all the nigglenags in my shoulder and places seem to have gone). I may take up squash again in a month or two but we'll see - for now this is more than enough.

I was supposed to cycle to work this morning but the thought of starting middle of the week didn't marry too well with my inner self so I've plumped to put it off till next Tuesday instead. Getting the ball rolling is the worst bit as I know from past experience once I'm out there I'll be loving the misty sunrisey mornings, camera on my back, raring to go.

There may be a rather grand reflective blip opportunity on the horizon too, seeing as when I DO cycle to work I dress up like a freaking lollipop lady...

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