The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Still Life With Throw

...or just a throw, to be brutal.

This blip is a response to disdatdudda's blip of today of a fine piece of tie and dye, and the following comments:

it's indigo "tie & dye" fabric...very late 1960s and early 1970s...janis joplin...joe cocker...but you're too young to know....ah! nostalgia...
~ disdatdudda

I'm not too young to know, but hadn't realised it had died out (no pun intended). In fact I have a throw not dissimilar to this; is it out of fashion?
~ lozarithm

no it hasn't died out.. but what's definitely out of fashion is crafts...but nostalgia ain't!!
(would love to see your it's made somewhere else. unless...)
~ disdatdudda

Memory plays funny tricks. A look at my throw reveals the similarities end at the colours. It isn't tie-die so much as printed images of fishes and the like. It has a small label with a picture of an elephant sedan and the legend Chanon Chowk, so probably not made in Wiltshire :)

Perhaps I'll blip it, but following my inspection it went straight in the wash.
~ lozarithm

i knew it!!! (not made in wilshire)
bet you hadn't ever really seen it with your glasses on; no worries, it'll dry soon enough to be blipped...
~ disdatdudda

Well, it is dry now, so here it is.

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