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Drays' Holiday

Today I had to cause to interrupt my normal kitchen attempts to split the atom, to see the Wadworth shire horses embark on their annual holiday. Before being led to their holiday home, they meet hundreds of well-wishers at the Raven pub in Poulshot, and this year one of them was me. Featured in my blip with his handler is Prince.

I have met them twice before, once at their stables in Devizes, and once last year while they were on holiday, but today was the first time I have seen them in their full glistening regalia. They are magnificent and have such great temperaments, completely unfazed by the thronging crowds. It took awhile to work my way through to a good vantage point but I was able to get close enough to touch all three.

Normally there are four, but their newest recruit, Percy, was too much of a star performer and proved unable to work in tandem with Max and not do his own thing, so eventually he was returned to his trainer in Yorkshire and they are currently looking for a replacement. Max, Monty and Prince were in attendance.

The event was covered by a BBC Wiltshire radio car team and the story is here.

All the horses enjoyed a few pints, as did their handlers.

Blip #496
Consecutive Blip #493
Day #498

Max And Handler
Monty And Handler
Among The Well-Wishers
The Raven

Lens: Pentax 18-55mm

The Wadworth Shires At Poulshot, 5 August 2011 (Flickr set)
The Wadworth Shire Horses (Flickr set)

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