Blipday! Balloons?

Big party because of 3 years nonstop blipping! (well, ok, we're really still having a big wedding party, but hey, I can dream :) )

Anyway, we had to party untill at least 5 so the groom would 'loose face' because of his wimp friends, so ofcourse we did. There was non-stop food, several courses were served AFTER desert, and at regular interfals there would be wodka sessions too.
This is the best man, finally taking off his tie. We also promised to wear our ties untill he got rid of his, so this action (4:30-ish) was the sign several ties to be worn in this fasion, and in case of lack-of-tie people started wearing their belts around their heads... Did I say there was wodka? I think I did.

Now having a small patch of time before the next meal: a warm dish (cabbage with cabbage, a traditional polish recipe?) served before the band start playing around 16:00, and then "more dancing and drinking" is predicted.

Anyway, I didn't want to backblip this partyblip, so i'm leeching some wifi here :)

edit: if i don't comment around too much today, its because more food and things are going to happen in about 15 minutes.... So I have to close down the laptop :P

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