2x365=730. Never missed a day yet :)

Finally, a proper blipbirthday! Even the people looking sour at nonofficial birthdayshots cannot complain about this one :P
Anycase, thats 2 years in a row, following ~kdoes' example ;).

I know forcing a daily blip means some bad, some really lousy shots sometimes, but i still think it does help getting more shots in, stopping at strange places because a blips must be made and all that. *deletes useless rant about shots and web2.0...*

Hmm. maybe this is the place for my fave's, and looking at this not-so origional its a bit sad really, that my favorites have been celebratory shots i think..

365 - writing with people
300 - movie poster recreation
200 - Darth Néomi

Ah well. lets get some color in the comments with my balloon :D

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