We'd brought #2 Daughter home with us from visiting her sister. She cooked a lovely tea for us and then We took a drive down to the lake to give her a chance to blip something different.

I particularly chose this location at Glencoyne Bay because I've been waiting since last year for calm water to blip a wonderful tree branch which had broken and hung down near the water giving a great reflection. Imagine my dismay, having brought katkatkat to see it, finding it was riven off and gone! What a shame! I had such plans!

When we arrived it was overcast but we took lots of shots anyway and then got rewarded with some evening sun to give us more choice for a blip.

I chose a shot of the low sun on the fells but katkatkat went for a dramatic dark shot looking in the same direction.

If I'm truthful I also came here to have a play with the 300D which I swapped for a short while for my Lumix Fz28. When I can get the use of the right filters there are manual settings I want to try without being confined to f8 as my smallest aperture. As a bonus for #1 Daughter, she can go abroad with a smaller, lighter, cheaper camera whichl takes excellent shots on Automatic when she is in a hurry.

Tomorrow's treat is a day off to take Kat back to Edinburgh.

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