Ingunn in Oslo

By IngunnInOslo


This is two walls -and three sides of walls - in our Opera house.
Seeing them in this angle makes me a bit dizzy, but I think it looks cool too!

I had to make an inside photo today due to the heavy rain. I spent some time with Irina and Maria today. Let me first thank you for all your comments. I really appreciate them!

Maria could not work as a statue today because of the rain, and therefore they had less money. I sat in the street with Irena before I went to Maria to make her sit with us.
Irena laughed when I said that I will also have a paper cup so that we could get money faster. And she laugh even more - if possible - that if she didn't like that idea I could sing and people would pay me to stop since my voice definitely dont hit the notes!
She tells me that she cant accept money from me since she consider me to be her friend.

Today I got to know that when she was 21 year she was very ill in her stomach. She used a lot of money to go to doctors, and nobody understood what was wrong with her. They sent her to specialists - that was even more expensive - but they didn't find anything- They concluded that it was "just" mental. She was broke and had now lost her job too. She didn't manage to get a new one.

Maria comes from a home no children should be in. The social office in her home country did little to help her, and Maria begged Irina took take her with her. And in the end she decided to bring her along. Irina doesn't let Maria beg. It is to danger and she is too young for that, Irena tell me. She is her mammi now and she has to look after her.

I went to get Maria in her job to look like a normal kid just hanging around. She was happy to see me, and asked for Irinas premission to go with me to the shop to buy food and other stuff they desperately need. After I learned the girls the norwegian words for the food and we had a great time together. I noticed the earplugs in Marias ears yesterday, and I wanted to listen to her music. But that is just a camuflage in trying to look like a normal kid. She has a broken old cellphone and the only thing that work is the music, if she had charged batteries. I told her that I will charge the battery for her and come back tomorrow. She was excited.

Both the girls are hoping for some sun tomorrow so their life will be easier on them than today. They were exhausted, sleepy and in a bad shape today. I trust that the police will work on getting their trust and help them, and in the same time I understand that they have no home to go back to.

Poor girls! But Irena packed her little things when I left. They have enough food and she doesn't need to sit on the street any longer today. That's a good thing.

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