Mrok's photo of the day

By Mrok


Today received these huge (well not really that huge) Quad ESL-2805 electrostatic loudspeakers for extended home trial. Have been already for some time looking for a suitable replacement for my legendary Yamaha NS-1000M speakers and somehow felt that it would be nice to try these at home.

already from the get-go noticed that these ESL's have some qualities to die for but at the same time some that are not so desirable after living with the sharp-sounding studiomonitors like my Yam's. I'm not claiming the result for this audition yet but still being a little suspicious perhaps.

Have to still spend considerable time & effort for some positioning and the aiming of the speakers as ESL's are quite sensitive for those being a dipole speaker acting as a point source principle with its panels ;) Perhaps will report also here my findings after week or two when the trial is over if you're interested. Now back to the music..

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