My Year in Pictures

By jenny

It's not just ducks who love the rain

My first every blipfoto entry! Though can't believe everyone goes through the same shenanigans I seem to have gone through trying to pick my subject, take the picture, choose the "best" one then upload it - phew!

Anyway - onto the matter in hand - can't quite believe it's the middle of August and it's rather damp to say the very least here in the Cotswolds.

Yesterday we had the most torrential rain storms - the rain was so hard and fast my poor windscreen wipers couldn't keep up with it even on full speed. However today the rain is a little less violent and the air has a lovely warmth to it.

Though I am glad it is wet out as I have planned to have a good work catchup this weekend and if it'd been nice the great outdoors would have been calling me and work would not have got worked.

I did venture out briefly - we had a lull in the rain so I grabbed the opportunity to take some pictures - and took great pleasure in seeing a new frond appear on one of our ferns. We've three Dicksonia Antarctica (to give them their proper title) and they are just stunning to look at - so green and vibrant with the fronds beginning to drop down making the most amazing shape. And of course with all this rain I don't need to water them!!! James normally does it but as he's away it falls to me this weekend - but whooo hooo I don't have to!

So hurrah for rain!

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