Desperately seeking

By clickychick

A Good Deal!

Now am I one to go overboard, to make a big song and dance about getting a red ballooon?

Oh, yes! Especially when it's two red balloons! I don't know if it will ever be appropriate to do it on any of the distant balloon days to come, so I couldn't resist a play today.

I get excited when I get notified about a new subscriber, but, if jiggery-pokery with images isn't for you I may disappoint. How I have changed in 500 days is that I now see photography as much an expression of Art & Design as recording an event. Blippers I subscribe to have been responsible for that. You know who you are!

So today I recall how Blipfoto dealt me a winning hand when I signed up. It has been just the right thing for me.

100th - the Jack/Knave. A novice, a toddler in Blipland, inexperienced but anticipating higher things.

200th - the Queen. Oh, how I remember that! The day before #1 Daughter's wedding. We stayed in a good hotel and felt like Royalty!

300th - the King. I like to conquer things and holding onto this new-found skill in order to use it on this blip.

400th - the Joker. Not a balloon day at all, not acording to Joe. Not a red one anyhow! But, there's a Joker in every pack, isn't there?

500th - the Ace.This is the card I'm playing today to mark 500 consecutive blips.

A big thanks to all of you who've helped me get this far, especially the one who isn't even a blipper! It's been tough lately with commenting while I'm trying to get to bed early to correct a sleep disorder, but thanks, all of you who call by, it has really helped.


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