Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Sitting Watching Flowers In The Rain, Again!

It, being Wednesday was the day I take The Mother shopping. Today was slightly different in that we went into a pub for lunch rather than a cafe and had some deep fried cheese, onions, chicken etc, in a big bowl with dips to share. As if that wasn't exciting enough, we went into a new cafe as well! We know how to live!

Turned out there had been more to blip at home. The Man heard noises in the lounge and eventually went to look. He found a sparrow looking at him through the glass on the stove door! Not thinking of opening wide our two huge windows, he opened the stove up. Yes, sooty sparrow going frantic round the room.

He chased it out and settled down....guess what? He heard a noise! Yes, you know the story now, another sooty sparrow had got through the mesh on our cowl!

Ah, well, I missed that blip but here I am having taken The Mother home and out to look for hidden parcel in bottom of her empty dustbin. I notice that the begonias which had looked so lovely in the hanging basket were nearly over, and very wet! But, hey, she's still optomistically keeping the sun lounger out.

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