Life At 60°

By Lifeat60Degrees


The Shetland Islands Council inter-island ferry Leirna which travels the 10 minute route between Lerwick and the Bressay. There has been much talk in recent years about a tunnel or a bridge to Bressay and while my opinion is really not of any importance there is something about a ferry coming over every hour as opposed to a bridge or tunnel.

Many years ago Davids Blips and I went over on this ferry one Sunday morning for no reason other than having a 10 minute trip on a ferry. Half way across the boat stopped and we learned that the crew were having an emergency drill. We all had to put of life jackets etc and then the skipper came around to make sure that the crew had carried out the correct procedures. Well thankfully we did have all our lifejackets on but one problems if Davids Blips had been in the water he would have drowned as his was on upside down. Proves the worth of the exercise I suppose.

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