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Cygnets and Parent

A continuation from yesterday....

There are now 5 little cygnets, one more to hatch.  They are becoming quite active and mother is having a little differculty trying to keep them under her wings. There are 3 shown here with the other 2 sleeping under mother.

I was talking to the Department of Conservation (DOC) today, the parents seem to have 'change over' early morning.  Theres lots of honking between them and the little cygnets are on the outskirts of the nest.  DOC are expecting the 'launching' to take place tomorrow, when the cygnets are taken from the nest - hope I'm there for both of these events.

There are two other families in this area, one with 5 cygnets and one with 3 cygnets.  The family of 3 cygnets, I captured the other day are 12 weeks old, not 4 as I stated.

Daughter E was with me today but has to return to school tomorrow - I think she would rather come with me.

Hope you don't mind another blip of this special moment but it maybe the only time I get this opportunity, there may also be another blip like this tomorrow, if your interested - watch this space :)

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