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Black Swan and Cygnets

Today was the day....
Mum and I called in to see the Black Swan on our way home from a day in Christchurch City.  It was a very sunny day and being in the afternoon the sun was not in a very good place but this is what we found.

We think 2 cygnets had hatched, viewed on the left. In the middle of the image, one egg to be hatched and a broken egg behind, and to the right a very newborn cygnet which the mother was helping as we arrived, then a slight change in colour is the mothers foot. The cygnets have black beaks and I think the newborns beak is in the middle of the image. From what we could make out there are still three eggs remaining.

While mother was helping with the hatching, father was patrolling the area and keeping other ducks away.  He did breeze in and have quite a chat with mother who replied.  It was very noisy with alot of honking going on - would've loved to have known what was being said.

The cygnets are lead to water within the first 24 hours and feed on leaves of submerged aquatic plants.

While we were there the Department of Conservation came along to see how things were progressing - I felt reassured that this little family were in the best hands that nature could give them, no interferance just an observant eye.

An awesome day for Mum and I, the black swans only nest every two years and it is rare to be in a spot which is visable, well almost.

I think my point and shoot did an excellent job of recording this wonderful moment.  Daughter E and I will call in tomorrow on the way to Viola lesson to see if there is any change :)

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