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Smiley Boy

The weather has been dreadful today meaning photo opportunities have been a bit thin on the ground.

We did go out for lunch but that also turned dreadful when I found chicken in my veggie burger (I am a vegetarian). This was a bit annoying as it was quite nice up till then and it kind of put me off eating anything else.

I did used to be a meat eater but was never very good at it, so being a veggie does suit me. I was surprised how years later I still knew it was the taste of chicken almost straight away.

Anyway we headed back home after a quick refund and the toddler had a snooze and the baby woke up for some smiley time.

He has only recently started smiling like this and even did his first little belly laugh the other day, although I missed that.

Is nice that he is showing his happiness like this as it finally feels like we are getting some pay back.

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