Club 107

By club107

Brushes awaiting teeth

So it seems like an eternity since I wrote my last entry, it was only 36 hours ago. Since then I have been at a karaoke do, which was great fun, had two days at work, which was good fun as well actually and tonight club107 went en masse to the lifeturns premiere, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Met some very nice people, EcoDad&Mum, Mr Mrs Sporadic, Tractor Factory whose zoetrope is splendid, Scobes, and My Aim is True, and the girls befriended the daughter of Sporadic with whom they had a whale of a time. On our way to the car, child #2, always one to befriend at least someone at a night out was already planning to see her new friend again.

'What is their second name?' she said.
'Erm I actually don't know.' I replied.
'Because when are we going to see them again, you could maybe get them to come to our house or we could go to theirs.'

I admire this attitude. No matter how impossible or improbable something might seem to someone like me, she will suggest it nonetheless. There is a term for it, it will come to me no doubt in years to come.

The film was superb, a great idea, inspiring and one thing which I like is that it gets people moving.

Great day all in all.

But oh boy, no prizes for guessing which house needs completely hoovered this weekend, couldn't Photoshop out all that dust. So this is a picture of life in our house. Brushes awaiting teeth.


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