By heybeans

You can't judge a record by its cover # 3

This single might not look like much, but it's my most treasured record - it's not every day someone makes a record for me. It's by a band from Brisbane, Australia, called The Hekawis (as in the lost Indian tribe from F-Troop - "Where the heck are we?") who I first saw in about 1994. I love their keyboard-driven garage rock sound, and the fact that they wear Indian headdresses on stage. By coincidence one of my best friends ended up playing drums for them, and when they toured Europe for the first and only time in 2000 I got some money together and got them to play a show in Edinburgh on the eve of my 30th birthday. On October 26, 2000 they went into the studio in Melbourne, Australia and cut two songs direct to vinyl master disk. When they left for the airport they had 100 copies of the single, and they gave me one in Scotland less than a week after it had been recorded. The recording is pretty rough, but as birthday presents go it takes the cake.

The photo behind the single shows Scarlet Eagle (bass) and Screamin' Stevie (keyboards, vocals, maracas) from The Hekawis.

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