By lightfran

Organised Chaos

My husband and I went to watch a historical re-enactment of 'the Battle of Basing' at Basing House near Basingstoke (our home town) today.

The re-inactment was a huge, well organised affair involving re-inactment groups from across the south of England (and possibly even further afield) and was to mark the re-opening of Old Basing House, after a major multi-million pound 'overhaul'.

I took over a thousand photos, but as I'm off to Geneva on businss tomorrow, I don't have the time to trawl carefully through them all (so posting some on Flickr and Facebook will have to wait until next weekend!) but I did a quick scan through and this came in the top three.

I wanted a shot that showed the fury and chaos of battle, but I also wanted to get the horses in, because horses are just, well, magnificent!!!

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