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Milford On Sea, 15:35 hr

Complete radio silence was observed yesterday because I went to the seaside. This picture may seem fairly standard for those who live near to the sea, but as this was the culmination of a five hour journey and was my first sighting of the sea in 2010, it is the picture that most sums up the day from the 100 I have just reviewed.

Actually, it was a fulsome day. The drive down took us through the New Forest and included sightings of wild pigs, ponies, cows and donkeys all at the roadside. We had to stop to pet some of the docile and obliging donkeys.

We got to wait at a railway level crossing at Brockenhurst and drive through a ford. We had lunch at the Mayflower at Lymington and had a stroll from the harbour up to the old quay and cobbled streets before going by car in search of proper rocks and waves. We found these at Milford On Sea, which faces the Solent. We also found some marshland, just the other side of the boulder ridge, where a lone heron watched dozens of swans skimming with their bills the surface weed of a backwater expanse and turnstones turned stones on its edge.

However, it was the sea we had come to see, so this is it.

I have also begun choosing nominations for Unstaged this morning. Although many of the entries are striking, it is surprising how many I have been unable to vote for since they bear no relation to the Theatre Of Everyday Life. Am I being too harsh?


A Day At The Seaside, 2 September 2010 (Flickr album of 80 images)

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