The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

No 1 Son, Mending.

I drove home this morning to Mrs BM, and it took me 2hrs 15 mins I haven't done that time for ages, it pays to get up at 06:00am at times.

We went to see Stuart who is Still in hospital, he's had his operation and they found three breaks in the Tibia and one in the fibular all were screwed and nailed (I jest not) back together, he now is in severe pain although he seems in good spirits here.
Stacey is missing him as is Maddison, but when he is to come home, we do not know, so we will have to be very patient and let him mend.

Of course Mrs BM and I will help as much as we can, that's what parents do, isn't it?

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