By flying

Life's Journey

The Crossing

I came upon a crossing,
I had not seen before,
Four ways for the chosing,
Nothing to tell me more.

To my right, a friendly lane,
All handshakes and smiles,
I could walk it with simplicity,
Unintriquing miles...

To my left, a shady path,
A road with curves and bends,
I could walk it with uncertainty,
False hopes, doubting friends....

Straight ahead, a narrow way,
A rough and rocky road,
I could walk it with an honest step,
And bear the heavy load...

The only option left for me,
The road I left behind,
Through tears of knowing yesterday,
The choice was to be mine...

We can only walk one life,
We only have today,
With humble hope, for my scope,
Forward was the way...

~ N. Lee Autin ~

The pattern reminded me of the last few days, jaggered and jolted, damaged and disrupted, differcult and unsettled - life's journey never smooth.

The winds came during the night, the aftershocks continued but are becoming less.  More areas are being termed unsafe as rubble is still continuing to fall.
Army helicopters have been overhead today, assessing damage in the outlying areas of Christchurch City. Schools are closed until Wednesday and people are being asked to stay home. There have been traffic jams in the township of Kaiapoi - they have two roundabouts, no traffic lights, it is a small town, people coming to see the destruction, they need to stay home.
Cold, wet weather is forecast tonight, hope the rivers don't rise as flooding is a concern with stop banks being weakened.

Forward is the way....People are moving on, but still very unsettled.

PS The Waimakariri River is now bank to bank and the Kaiapoi River has damaged stopbanks, flooding is now a major concern as the two rivers meet!

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