From Mum's garden :)

A busy day which started slowly with a quiet migraine just being a nuisance, however some meds sent it packing and my day picked up.

Saw Mum and got this lovely shot as we ambled round her garden. I was spoilt and came home with some curly parsley, garlic chives and coriander plants which are now planted out, looking forward to tasting them.

I had a haircut and came home looking a bit poncey. I put my gardening clothes on and must've looked a sight - perhaps the best gardener with a poncey hairdo today. Our doors have been giving us a problem since getting the new carpet so Hubby planed them and now there is no tug of war!!

And now its time to put roast lamb and veges in the oven - mmmm a lovely way to end our day, Hubby's favourite meal.

I'll be back later :)

Oh forgot to mention, its pollen season again and its everywhere including on these little petals.

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