Up up and away.

Battle of Britian air display tomorrow. Today Guernsey airport held a static air display.
There was not the quantity of planes you would see at Farnbrough but it was ok.
There was a royal navy spitfire, two air walking planes, Guernsey air search rescue plane, a few areobatic planes and this Skyraider.
It was hard to get good shots as people and buildings were in the way.
So all my shots had to have a high angle.
So many shots to choose from.
This was in my mind the best.

Best viewed large.

Here is a bit of data on this Skyraider.

This Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider 126922 is painted to represent an A-1H '402' of the VA-176 'Thunderbolts' on the USS Intrepid during 1967. It is an ex US Marine Corps example that later served with the French Air Force in 1960 and the Gabonaise Air Force in 1976.

Recovered by Aero Retro in 1985 it was shipped to L'Havre for Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis/Jean Francois Perrin & Partners (F-AZED) until 1991 when it became part of The Fighter Collection's (TFC's) collection of Historic aircraft. based at the IWM's Duxford Airfield (G-RAID) where it is frequently displayed.

The Skyraider was a Carrierborne/ Land based Attack aircraft whose basic design was reputedly sketched out by Ed Heinemann in a hotel room over night.

It became one of the most versatile aircraft ever built and remained in service from Dec 1945 through the Korean and Vietnam Wars up until about 1976.Its long endurance, ruggedness and low level agility at low speed made it an excellent ground attack aircraft capable of delivering 8000 lbs of stores more accurately than the more modern faster jets that should have replaced them.

Hopefully I'll get a shot of the air display tomorrow for a blip.

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