I Write with Light

By petespics

Red arrows

Well I managed to see them, only just!
I took the G2 this morning just in case of being able to see them.
It was a really busy morning, driving from job to job finishing them off.
I finished one and had not heard the Red Arrows so I took off down to the sea front.
Within 10 mins they came.
WOW they are spectular. One has to admire these pilots. So skillful.
I took 511 photos!!! The camera was an burst mode.
Out of all of them there was only 20 or so worth keeping and this one was the best.
The sun was high in the sky so there was a lot of shadowing and high contrast shots.
I just enhanced this one a touch to bring out the colour.
Other planes included the Lancaster, Spitfire, Hurricane, Nimrod, Lynx helicopters and the Skyraider from yesterdays Blip.
A good afternoon to all.
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