I Write with Light

By petespics

2nd prize!!!

Not for this shot but for THIS ONE.
I entered it in the Panasonic "Portrait of summer competition" and came 2nd and won a 12 month pass to the Tate Gallery in London.
This is the first competiton I have entered and am stoked with the out come.
I really gives one the acknowledgement that one can take a good photo that others and experts like.
Not sure what to do with the prize as living in Guernsey it's difficult to "POP" to the gallery on the weekend.
As for todays blip. I did want to blip a Guernsey goat but I came across this rock formation someone had built on the rocky beach.
I'll blip the goat another day.
Haveagoodweekend all.

Here is the Link to the Panasonic site.

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