Portsmouth and beyond...

By johnnyc1959

Office View...

After yesterday's debacle with the camera, I thought I'd go for 'safety first'!

I haven't posted a view from my office window here yet, so time to use up one of the 'safe bet' photos!

This was taken about 9.45 this morning looking towards Dhulikhel. The three tiered pagoda in the distance is a Narayan Temple, at the centre of the old town. The intense green, (and yes it really is that colour), is rice fields, and in the mid distance you can just make out some of the terracing that farmers construct to maximise use of the land.

The other thing of note is the building in the centre of the photo. It's typical of a lot of buildings here. The bottom two floors are lived in, and the two stories above are under construction. The fact that much of the building work in the Kathmandu valley is like this doesn't augur well for the next major earthquake which is (over)due. Less of a problem in isolated rural areas, but much more problematic in built up areas.

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