The Pensioner

By Pensioner

High Tide

As many blippers will know, spring tides at the equinoxes have the greatest ranges and today the tide rose 6m to high tide at 15:57. Just as well we didn't have the strong easterly winds of a few days ago or the sea wall would have been well awash, would it not. Just a week ago the tidal range was 2.2m. Quite a difference in the amount of water flooding up the Forth. And back again, of course!
I'm sure I was going to write something else. Actually, I am writing something else, but not on blip. It's a Blurb book about bringing my boat from Skye. Fully illustrated of course. I thought I should bang it out before I forget it all (sometime around the middle of next week, I'm sure). Working title is, "Over the Sea from Skye" but perhaps that's a bit cheesy. How about, "A Journey"?

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